Bead Beauty

I hope you’ll say “Wow!” at the creativity you’ll see in this post.  WOW first began bead making with small colored stones strung daintily into necklaces of single, double or triple strands

Stone necklaces

"Stone" necklaces come in a variety of colors but black has always been the most popular in single, double or triple strands with matching earrings

These simple but elegant necklaces with matching earrings are still a favorite with WOW to make and  those who buy them often return for more.

In the early days getting the stones from Nairobi was a hit and miss ordeal so we began making or own beads from paper and fashioning the likes of these:

single strnd paper necklace with earrings

#3704 SIngle strand paper necklaces come in lengths of 18 inches and 36 inches with bead sizes medium, medium-large and large. The one pictured is 18 inches with large beads.

button bead neecklace

#3707 Called “button beads” because of their flatish disc shapes, these 18 inch necklaces are strung with graduating sizes of beads.

Katogo long

#3692 "katogo" translates to "stew'" and thus the name for this colorful necklaces made of different shapes sizes, and colors of paper beads. The one pictured is 56 inches long and can be double or tripled or knotted stylishly around the neck.

3695 triple katogo and triple uniform necklaces

#3695 Triple strand paper necklaces come in uniform colors or in "katogo" mixture of colors, shapes and sizes.

4908 single short katogo

4908 Short single strand katogo necklaces are popular for thier attractiveness and simplicity.

4793 lawala necklace

#4793 These handsomely strung paper beads are called "kongawala" meaning "berry" for the way they hang like berries on a branch.

4875 Lawala chocker with spacers

#4875 The "kawala" gets its name from the "target" that Acholi hunters use for shooting practice.

. Be sure to click on our link to see more in the way of paper beads , , ,earrings and bracelets of all sorts.

Traditionaly African jewelry is more often made from small colored glass beads (sometimes called “seed beads”). Take a look at the “twisty earrings” and the red and black multi-strand necklace in March’s post. The fashions the women come up with are endless! Here are a few more:

4819 a combination of small stones and small glass beads bracelets

4819 A combination of small stone beads and glass beads woven /strung together make up this bracelet.

4882 hammock necklace

4882 The "hammock" necklace swings beads on many wire strings.

4885 Royal stone and glass bead necklace

4885 another intricate combination of stones and tiny glass beads is the "royal necklace".

Anne with double circle earring

4840 Beadwork brings lots of smiles! (two tier beaded circle earrings)

I’ll end with  Anne’s beautiful smile showing off more tiny bead and wire work in the double circle earring she is wearing. Keep posted for the next post when I’ll concentrate more on bracelets and earrings.

If you would like to order please email me listing your choices by picture number and description and I will get right back to you!

“Clothe yourselves instead with the beauty that comes from within, the gentle and quiet spirit which is so precious to God.”                          1 Peter 3:4     New Living Translation


About womenofworthinuganda

Established in Kmpala, Uganda, Women or Worth (WOW) networks women in urban poor communities to develop skills they can use to enhance their home life or to generate needed income. In the process supportive friendships, hope and faith are planted and nurtured.
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3 Responses to Bead Beauty

  1. Oh, these are all SO beautiful!! I have not seen anything quite like them. WOW is developing some amazing designs and craftsmanship, Wonderful work! I need to think of more opportunities to sell on their behalf. I’ll be in touch with another order. Can’t wait to see you and David!

  2. Sarah says:

    I say the same for what I’ve seen you design. You inspire!

  3. Michaela says:

    Hi Sarah, I’ve seen my necklace!



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