On your mark, Get set, Go!

‘Tis the season of graduations, commencements and moving on! Recently my husband David, who is academic dean of Glad Tidings Bible College in Kampala, officiated as 48 diplomas and degree certificates were received by graduating students. Meanwhile my daughter Rebekah looks forward to her big day in July when she graduates from high school and moves on to the bigger world (I almost wrote “worries”) of university in the USA.

An embrace of joy for dean and student on graduation day.

Important transitions and changes are happening for WOW too. The nursery school is well established at the Growing Tree and needs more space. The sewing class women have passed the stage of making patterns and sew garments and crafts on their own. One by one computer students leave to hold jobs in town using their acquired new skills.

To make more rooms available for the nursery children and to help the women venture on their own, WOW is moving on to a new level. This past week WOW gave away 9 sewing machines enabling women to sew and sell their work from their own homes. To 14 others WOW gave capital to begin bigger challenges with what they have learned in computer training or bead making or other skills. It is an exciting time!  We haven’t left Growing Tree completely. The shed we built for the cooking oven with it’s spacious table and sitting arrangement will still hold cooking and Bible Study classes as well as be a place to gather and make beads, jewelry, soap, swap sewing tips  and receive any craft orders I (or you) may have for them.

Some of the WOW women who received sewing machines or business capital. Their smiles tell how happy they are to be moving ahead. We are standing in the work shed where they will continue to meet.

As an outreach to women under the Foursquare Church of Uganda, WOW moves in harmony with Foursquare Uganda’s church planting strategy. That strategy at present is to establish orphan homes inside of churches. Since April two orphan homes have opened with 20 children in each home,  and a third is about to open.  The strategy is working as each community has gladly recieved the orphanages and fill the new churches with eager congregants. WOW has become involved by purchasing some mattresses and providing some blankets and furniture for these homes. As WOW at the Growing Tree takes off on its own, the new challenge is to start new WOW groups with new women in these new locations that will help sustain the orphan homes in their communities.

Jungo Orphanage church open day

Waves of celebration on comencement day for the church/orphan home in the village of Jungo.

Jungo bunk beds

New bunks with misquitoe nets in the Jungo orphan home.

Jungo outside kitchen

The youngest orphan entertains herself in the outside kitchen while the others attend the local school. There are plans to construct an enclosed kitchen with a dining area.

Graduations are a sign of growing up, maturing, going on prepared new challenges.

“Then we will no longer be infants  . . . Instead, speaking the truth in love, we will in all things grow up into him who is the Head, that is Christ.” Ephesians 4:14-15

alice holding graduation certificate

a young WOW mother shows proof of her completion of a course in leadership development


After my last blog post people asked how they can order crafts from WOW. I’m working on a link to explain all that, in the meantime you can email me directly with your questions.



About womenofworthinuganda

Established in Kmpala, Uganda, Women or Worth (WOW) networks women in urban poor communities to develop skills they can use to enhance their home life or to generate needed income. In the process supportive friendships, hope and faith are planted and nurtured.
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2 Responses to On your mark, Get set, Go!

  1. This is fantastic, please put that link out soon, I am sure there are alot of people
    out here who would love to help!
    Congratulations to all who graduated… and I wish your daughter all the best… and YOU too.
    Thanks for all you do.
    Take care,

  2. It was so great to open this post and see David’s face! Such a huge movement of Spirit continues through and across your work and the work of the Ugandans. I am humbled and moved! I’ve gotten your notes through Lee.

    I am getting a much more clear picture of WOW through your posts. It helps us feel part of something larger than ourselves. (Consider linking back to our original blog for more stories!)

    And don’t worry about Becca. We are not that far away and she can always call us!

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